I've been everywhere, man…

Or, at least, I’ve been published everywhere, it seems:
The June 2006 issue of PC User (also its 200th issue, fact fans) is out, and you should buy it. Not only does it feature a review of mine (which they’ve already paid me for), but editor Glenn Rees says some nice things about me (and others) in the opening editorial. I had no idea there was a who’s who of Australian IT journalism, or that I was part of it. Cool.
Netguide Magazine, resplendent in a field of rocket and balsamic vinegar. Or maybe not.
Still in the publishing world, the May 2006 issue of Netguide is still out on store shelves — my brain suggests to me that the June issue is only a day or two away — with digital camera reviews, MFC reviews and the usual bunch of standalone and games reviews all penned by yours truly. Grab one now, while they’re still out there!
Once you’ve exhausted the near limitless wealth of the print medium, you can still bask in some Alex-penned goodness, as CNET has not one, but two of my reviews up online today:
Iomega Micro Mini Hard Drive: “Smoking — it’s a terrible habit. Sure, you don’t normally read CNET.com.au for the health advice, but we figured it was pertinent to this particular product…”
Olympus Tough Mju 720SW: “For research purposes, we gave it briefly to a small group of toddlers while it was on…”

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