I was right, it seems…

It happens so rarely, I figure it’s worth noting. I’m sure I was right about something (possibly involving crocodiles) back in 1982, but since then it’s all a bit fuzzy.
Netguide Magazine. Now with free beans.Specifically, the new issue of Netguide Magazine is out in stores now (although *cough* I’m yet to see my subs copy), along with a spiffy new Web site. That’s even more Kidman-exposure for your eyeballs, which can only be a good thing.
There’s certainly a lot of my words (well, theirs once I get paid) in the current issue, including an overview of broadband, wireless and dialup services, a comparative review of Wireless routers, and reviews of the best budget mobile phones. There’s also an overview of Microsoft’s Xbox 360 console (as distinct from anyone else’s Xbox 360, I guess) and reviews, games and as many bad puns as I can get away with*. Or, in other words, I’ve been a busy lad.
*usually zero.

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