It feeds, it grows, it clouds all that you will know…

A few new entries for today, plus a bit of gratuitous back-patting. Don’t say you weren’t warned…
Some of my Netguide work has made it online — which is interesting, at least because most of the reviews-based stuff I do for Netguide is for print only. This, however, is a guide to not getting ripped off online — the same one that I did the ABC Radio interview on, as it happens. continues to publish my stuff at a rapid pace. Gather round, young chilluns, and learn from the master…
Sagem MyC2-3: The MyC2-3 is a budget buyer’s phone, and as long as you only want a very simple and plain looking handset for call and text purposes, it’s a fine choice for the money.
Netcomm NP285 Turbo HomePlug Ethernet: Netcomm’s Turbo HomePlug adds the speed element that was so sorely lacking in the original HomePlug, making it a truly viable alternative to wireless networking, and a good complimentary solution to wired networking solutions.
While I was trawling around CNET, I discovered two interesting things. First, there’s this little number. I’d forgotten I’d even written this, although like most of my reviews, I stand 100% behind it. Bonus points if you can name my mystery assistant. Secondly, they’re currently running a feature on the top ten phones of the month, as is their wont. And guess who wrote all three of the top three phone reviews?
<insert smug self-satisfied glow here>

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