Must be something in the water…

My three and a half year old daughter just told me this story. I swear we’re not putting any drugs in her breakfast. Honest!

“Once upon a time there was a water mountain. And there was a family of frogs. And the frogs got in their car, and drove all over the city. They were going on a holiday. And they went to a special park called Poppo Dodo. There were dogs and rabbits there, and they had so much fun. But there was no room for the frogs. So they went next door. There wasn’t anybody there. But the frogs were sad, because they were so far away from the park (?). So the frogs hopped and hopped, higher and higher, until they jumped over to the park, and they weren’t lonely any more.

The frogpoles are their friends. They live in their new home, and there was no charge. And then some children came to their place. And they were having so much fun. And they all had an afternoon fun in their big big BIG house. And the rattles at their own place just rattled themselves all over the place. And then the shaker family had an idea. They jumped out of their own train. They jumped over and over, and they had such good fun. They had a big house, such a big house, in the city. And the rabbits and the puppy dogs and the people and the frogs and people who are adults and the children were bang bang banged by a very big dinosaur. It was making stomp stomp on their houses. The big rattle family said “You can’t stomp on our house because it is strong and powerful. It has strong water lillies and strong blocks.” The dinosaur was so big he just stomped away — he was going to go to his friend’s place. And it was so nice.”

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