Inside out is wiki-dy wiki-dy wiki-dy wack…

And surely when the fine upstanding musicians — nay, artistes* — of Kriss Kross penned those fine lyrics, they were merely anticipating the day when I’d be listed in Wikipedia.
Which I currently am — although for a rather unlikely source, that being my two-year editorship at, several years back. Unlikely inasmuch as that when the site folded, the vast majority of the content I’d penned vanished without much of a trace; there are small instances of it extant in the archives of, but they’re few and far between. So whoever remembered its existence, my hat is off to you**
Given the way Wikipedia works, it’s probably been deleted by now — but here’s the link, anyway. Got to self-promote as much as possible when I’m my own business, donchaknow?
Gamespot: “In a similar fashion, GameSpot AU (Australia) existed on a local scale in the late 90s with Australian-produced reviews. It ceased in 2003. It was initially edited by Ed Dawson and later Alex Kidman…”
In the slightly more local content world, an article of mine on product obsolescence, initially written for Home Entertainment magazine has found its way online at
Built (Not) To Last: “Leaving that rather unpleasant mental image aside, the Goodies sell Rolf Balloons, designed from the get-go to pop in around five seconds. Why? So that kids will scream and want another one, extracting yet more money from their hapless parents…”
*No, not even I can type that with a straight face. Not that I type with my face, you understand. It’s one of those figure of speech thingies.
** Another of those figure of speech thingies. No hats here, although I am sometimes overly fond of bandanas.

3 thoughts on “Inside out is wiki-dy wiki-dy wiki-dy wack…”

  1. If I do a search on “Alex Kidman” at Wikipedia the first item is “List of WWE Cruiserweight Champions”. Is this some secret hobby of yours?

  2. Curses! My secret is out!
    Nah, that’d be because there’s a professional wrestler — quite a good one — who goes by the name of “Billy Kidman”. And he used to wrestle in the same company as another wrestler, “Alex Wright”. Put surname to Christian name, and you get… well, me. But with less body oil.
    Actually, this is in my FAQ. Blimey. It might actually become frequently asked (presuming three or more other people ask me)…

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