Each man desires to reach Gandhara, his very own Utopia…

The September issue of PC User Magazine is sitting on store shelves now. That’s on store shelves, and not in the warm comfort of your very own home, where it would serve you as a loyal and faithful pet, bringing you your slippers and keeping burglars out of the house. But no — you’ve left it to suffer in some cold, unforgiving newsagent’s rack, where it no doubt howls itself to sleep each night in its lonely desperation.*
The only way to save yourself from a lengthy and litigious investigation by the RSPCM** would be to rush out and buy a copy — perhaps an entire litter of copies.
Within its friendly, easily-patted pages you’ll find my guide to the best VoIP deals in Australia, which could save you a fortune in lawyer’s bills while you’re defending against those magazine negligence charges. Well, if you convince your lawyer to buy a copy too, that is. Or you could give him one from the litter you purchased previously…
*Or perhaps not.

** Royal Society For The Prevention Of Cruelty To Magazines, obviously

4 thoughts on “Each man desires to reach Gandhara, his very own Utopia…”

  1. Actually, the reverse is probably true — the fewer mags purchased, the less income for me. But then I’d starve to death, and you wouldn’t want that, would you?

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