In the tree by the brook there's a songbird who sings…

Nothing, it seems, can stop the tide of the presses with my name within — not even my worrying near-expiry. Oh well. has my review up of Shadow Of The Colossus: Play Shadow Of The Colossus, and you’ll either agree, or want my head on a stick. The choice is yours…
And the latest issue of PC User is out — or at least, they’ve sent me a copy — and I’m all over it, *and* in the contributors panel — I’ve hit the double!
In particular, you’ll find an Alex-penned guide to the best broadband deals nationwide, as well as standalone reviews of Netcomm’s Homeplug Turbo and Norton Ghost… and others, but they skip my mind right now. I blame cashews. Then again, I’ll probably be blaming cashews for all sorts of things from now on…

1 thought on “In the tree by the brook there's a songbird who sings…”

  1. Thursday at skool
    Am I to assume that because your latest entry was on the 6th that your computer is still in a parlous state?
    I shall speak with you this evening re your doctor’s visit

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