I may have accidentally shot some of my beloved editors in the face…

It’s just possible, you understand. I blame those who gave me the gun* in the first place.
Hasn’t seemed to staunch the flow of work, though. Perhaps I should go on murderous assaults more frequently. Today’s piece — well, yesterday’s, but I was in flight when it went live — is at CNET.com.au:
First Take: Sony Vaio TP-2: “The problem with the concept of living room PCs is that, well, they look like PCs. And PCs, no matter how many blue neon lights you add to them, still look darned ugly next to that high definition TV you’ve got hanging on your wall…”
* OK, it was a water pistol. Nobody was hurt, unless they had some strange allergy to Queensland water that I wasn’t previously aware of…

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