I blame the evil phantom hackers*

Yesterday, several odd things happened, highlighted by the appearance of (dum dum DUMMMMM!)
Evil Alex.
Alex. Now twenty percent more evil.
And then, under the influence of that surprisingly orange hair, Evil Alex began to climb…
Climb, Monkey, Climb!
I have no idea why. I have bad vertigo, and all I can say is that the part of me that would have regretted it outweighed the vertigo part long enough for me to start climbing… and by then it was too late.
Naturally, as I reach the platform, it starts raining. Of course, by then, it’s far too late. There’s only one way down…
Oh he flies through the air with the greatest of ease…
(As an aside, you can tell he’s Evil Alex by those frightening eyes, the exact same colour as the hair…)
Thankfully, Evil Alex was exorcised later in the evening, when, like Samson, his strength was removed by cutting off all of his hair…
*For those mystified by the hacker reference, read this. You won’t be disappointed…

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