I may be a workaholic, but an intervention would send me broke…

Such is the way of the Freelance Journo.
First up, at PC & Tech Authority, the closest I’m EVER likely to come to writing sports journalism:
Opinion: Should you be worried by Facebook’s facial tagging? “Photos published of several St Kilda footballers this week has brought Facebook privacy back into the spotlight. So imagine this – what if Facebook was able to recognise and tag faces in photos uploaded by you or your friends?”
Then at CNET.com.au, a trio of reviews:
Acer Aspire Z3750: “Acer’s stuffed decent hardware into an all-in-one (AIO) that only really suffers from having a small display screen.”
MSI Wind Top AE2400: “The Wind Top AE2400 is an all-in-one (AIO) PC that tries its hands at many fields but succeeds in few of them.”
SingStar The Wiggles PS3: “The Wiggles’ Singstar title makes its PS3 debut and apart from a lick of high definition paint, it’s still much the same game. Little Wiggles fans will love it, but they’ll probably need mum or dad on hand when they play.”
And that brings the online yearly total up to… 341. And counting.

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