2011. It's like 2010, but turned up to eleven.

First order of business for 2011 would be the publishing of material that was, technically speaking, written in 2010. It’s like a time machine in here!
First up, at PC & Tech Authority, an article that was originally briefed as a tech for 2011 wishlist, but mutated along the way. It’s why Head Over Heels makes an appearance, though:
What technology annoys you the most? “ARE YOU LISTENING, APPLE?
(*Apple does not comment on whether it’s listening or not, naturally)”

Then at CNET.com.au, the year kicks off with a pair of reviews:
Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex Home: “Seagate’s latest NAS solution offers the basics of backup and streaming, but to access its best features, you’ll have to pay an annual subscription fee.”
Combat Of Giants: Dinosaur Strike: “There are certain immutable truths to existence. Toast will always fall on expensive carpet butter side down. Nobody really knows what cats want. Little boys have a near complete fascination with dinosaurs.”

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Alex Kidman is a multi-award winning Australian technology writer, former editor at Gizmodo, CNET, GameSpot, ZDNet, PC Mag, APC, Finder and as a contributor to the ABC, SMH, AFR, Courier Mail, GadgetGuy, PC & Tech Authority, Atomic and many more. He's been writing professionally since 1998, and his passions include technology, social issues, education, retro gaming and professional wrestling.

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