I get delirious…

Another busy, busy week wraps itself up today, and I spot yet more stuff I’ve written and not yet promoted. Like these two news snippets from yesterday for PC Authority:
Optus announces iPhone plan pricing: “Essentially, Optus hasn’t changed its data prices to accommodate the iPhone, but bolted on the existing plan structure around it.”
Gulf widens for ADSL and ADSL2+ users: “iiNet’s bigger download quotas don’t solve the big catch for those stuck on plain ADSL, and wanting big download quotas on faster plans.”
And from a little while ago, at CNET.com.au:
Altec Lansing PT8051: “We found it somewhat astonishing that Altec Lansing refers to these monolithic speakers as “barely there”, as once we’d installed them, we weren’t sure whether to listen to audio through them, or just start hitting each over the head with jawbones.”

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