I am a prisoner of no confidence..

So it’s Monday night. You’re probably watching TV, or going out, or surfing the net, or doing whatever it is you do with your time. Although I’d suggest you stop doing that — reliable urban myth suggests you’ll go blind.
Anyway, one of the drawbacks of my job is that while you’re relaxing in whatever post-work pursuit pokes your pleasure centres, I’m busy working. Trust me, after a day looking after kids — one of whom has been screaming at me all day long, it’s a less than pleasant prospect to have a five hour reviewing and writing block ahead of me.
Of course, I’ll probably think that was brilliant in six months time, given that my commute involves walking downstairs every morning. Right now, it just seems like a mountain of work, and one that’s gotten significantly larger since I lost two weeks to illness. Stupid health. And on that note, today’s published stuff includes the latest issue of Home Entertainment Magazine (no cover scan, as I have no copy yet), which includes a guide to portable video players and a review of the iPod Touch, which is itself a portable video player. Not that I knew of the Touch (nobody outside Apple did) when the main feature was written. Go forth, find a newsagency and purchase a shiny new copy today. The voice of Hypnotoad commands you…
In the online world, another day, another printer review for CNET.com.au. But this one is a little different:
Samsung ML-1630: “This left us dizzy with anticipation –- would Samsung deliver a printer that in fact looked like a Christmas cake? A Mallard? Some kind of Chainsaw?”

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