Things that are cool, lesson #53

  1. The November issue of Australian Macworld Magazine, on store shelves now. Sure, it’s a funky little publication all on its own — I make it a rule only to work for publications that have at least as much pure F.U.N.K. as Prince* — but it also marks the second appearance of one of my cats in the Australian tech media. The same cat, in fact, as appeared in a writeup I did for the seriously hardcore techy title Atomic MPC, in an article I wrote a long, long time ago on how to hack Sony’s AIBO. Remember AIBO? No? Well, you’re not alone. Anyway, that article pitched Aibo vs Cat. This article pits Cat Vs Macbook. The winner may surprise you.
  2. This article, live this week at Cool because, well, it was published while I was busy throwing up blood. Not many people can make that claim, ergo, it’s cool.
    Kodak Easyshare 5300: “It’s as though there was a committee of Kodak designers who were told to design an AIO printer. They did so, went back, and were told to make it look more, well, printery…”
  3. My wife in a Bikini. Oh, no, wait. That’s HOT. Possibly even HAWT. And yet cool, at the same time.
  4. Trumped by all of them, at least for today, is the 82% completion of my Facebook benchmark — the objective of which was to gather 100 Facebook friends. Not so hard in general terms, but they had to be people who I knew, and would at least consider myself “friendly” to. And the 82% mark was just filled, entirely unexpectedly, by someone who I’ve been hunting for a very long time. Not in a bad way hunting — he was my best friend in the early part of High School in London, and my first friend when I moved there in 1987. And up until he asked to add himself as a friend on Facebook, I’d neither seen him or heard from him (the odd plaintive search on this blog notwithstanding) in nearly 18 years. Or, in other words, Hi Leigh. How are you?
    Now, that’s cool.

*This is a blatant lie. I work for money, and to my shame, have written for publications so deathly dull that I dare not even mention them, for fear of the consequences. But your publication is cool. I’m sure of it. It’s just that other publisher. You know the one.

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