History says there was an explosion here. Who am I to argue with history?

Whew. So, week one of writing in the day and (here’s the tricky part) sleeping at night done with. Well, I say sleeping at night — with three kids, that’s never a given. But it beats burning the midnight oil, keeping on working. Anyway, here’s three short games reviews live at CNET.com.au, co-written between me (doing the words and some of the playing), and my daughter Zoe:
Crazy Pig: “Crazy Pig might initially appeal to Nintendogs fans who wanted more bacon and fewer fleas, but its limitations soon become very clear.”
Real Adventures: Wild Horses: “Even Wild Horses couldn’t drag us back to playing Real Adventures: Wild Horses…”
Read Adventures: Pet Vet:  “What happens when you let Vets write videogames? Real Adventures: Pet Vet is what happens, a starkly realistic – and thus sometimes tedious – medical adventure game…”

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