There are worlds out there where the sky is burning, and the sea is asleep, and the rivers dream.

PC Authority. Now with added Alex goodnessIt’s been six years since I’ve had anything published in the print edition of PC Authority Magazine — a review of Adobe GoLive 6, for those that care. Yeah, I knew you cared. Anyway, this month’s cover story includes two pages by yours truly on the perils of PayPal; not, as it might sound, a musical featuring the lives of young suburban women (although I’m sure there’s an idea there…), but instead a feature on eBay’s popular/infamous escrow service. The scan to the right might be a bit wobbly, by the way, but that’s because my contributor copy got utterly drowned in a torrential downpour yesterday. So, not only is this month’s copy a cracking good read; I can also attest that it’s highly absorbent to boot.

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