Hey, just because I was on holidays…

Doesn’t mean I wasn’t getting published somewhere. In a somewhat catchup mode, the following articles of mine went up online over the past week:
At CNET.com.au:
Diner Dash/Diner Dash 2: Restaurant Rescue/Diner Dash: Flo On The Go: “Many hours of our youth was spent stealing gold from Octopi, putting out stupidly placed oil fires and keeping spiders and bees away from flowers, all in the name of a points counter that would invariably reset itself once you got good enough.”
Samsung VP-HMX10 Progressive HD Camcorder: “The HMX10 makes a decent entry-level HD camcorder — with an awful lot of limitations.”
And then, at Australian Macworld:
The App Store cometh: “It’s the not-so-secret weapon that turns the 3G iPhone into a utility powerhouse. It’s the App Store, and Apple unveiled it early Friday morning — or late Thursday night, if you happened to have an iPhone by then…”
Australian Macworld Weekend Edition Podcast: Episode 30: “Special hour-long episode. MJCP, Alex Kidman and Danny Gorog chew the fat about iPhone 3G, network coverage, pricing plans, hype and hysteria.”

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