I'm Henry The Eighth I am, Henry The Eighth I am, I am…

In my not entirely mis-spent youth, I spent a certain amount of time singing the above happy tune to the elderly (and often incontinent) grannies at local rest homes. Except that it now strikes me that it’s not a happy tune at all. Also, the grannies should have been scrubbed down before the unwitting teenagers (myself included) were forced to dance with them.
Anyway, it’s not a happy song. It’s a warning. Henry obviously hasn’t noticed that not only has he married a seven-time Widower (an unusual circumstance to begin with), but that she’s got an obsession with men called Henry. Well, OK, he has somewhat noticed that latter part (“I’m ‘er eighth old man named Hen-er-y”), but hasn’t tied the two facts together.
Clearly, this Widow is a psychotic mass-murdering old bint with a thing for men with certain names. She must be found and stopped now!
What does this have to do with my published works today? Well, nothing, really, except that the following article at PC Authority is yet another iPhone 3G story, and as such, I thought it might make a nice diversion, rather than just listing it at 100,004.
What’s the big deal about the iPhone App Store? Yep, it’s another iPhone 3G-centric article, so if you’re sick of them, I’d suggest you click away to some other portion of PC Authority. Well, if I’m going to be technical, it’s an iPhone 3G and iPod Touch-centric article, but then again, this is my Apple Blog, so what else would I be talking about?”

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