Google's Nexus 7: Will Cheap Tablets Make Android Explode Or Implode?

Google has yet another new Nexus. Hurrah! I think. Or do I? It’s all becoming rather complicated over in Android-ville…

The big technology news of the day came via Google’s I/O conference, and the big news locally was the almost immediate appearance of the Nexus 7 tablet. Over at the ABC’s Technology+Games portal, I’ll given my opinion on this morning’s news:
Google announces Nexus 7 tablet and other new products “Overnight, Google announced a slew of new products at its I/O developer conference, including a very cheap tablet that Aussies will be able to get hold of from mid-next month. Will it be enough to save Android tablets as a category?”
It doesn’t help, mind you, that I hear “Nexus”, and I think, well…

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