We'll be right back after this break…

A slower week on the online publishing front — which was why I spent it on a brief break in Adelaide visiting relatives instead.

Still, the art of being a freelancer in a world with ever-shrinking budgets is to keep the work flowing, so my interstate travels didn’t stop the words from flowing forth anyway.
At ABC Technology+Games, I looked at Apple’s mid-year fortunes:
Apple in June: New hardware, old lawsuits: “The new retina Macbook Pros might be expensive in relation to modern laptops, but they’ve got nothing on the original Apple 1.”
While at Hydrapinion, I used my mode of transport to get to Adelaide as the focus of this week’s Carry column:
Carry On Down The Road: “When I was but a wee nipper, we used to make the trek over the plains from New South Wales to South Australia on quite a regular basis — and it was boring.”

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