Every Christmas night for seven years now, I drink banana daiquiris 'til I'm blind…

Yeah, it’s not the happiest Prince song ever, is it?
What you can be happy about, however, is the April issue of Australian Netguide Magazine, on store shelves now. It’s the teeny tiny one, next to all the shinier, more expensive PC titles. Think of it as the little magazine that could. Clearly, I’ve been reading too many Little Golden Books recently.Netguide Magazine
Anyway, within its humble pages, you’ll find all sorts of Alex-penned goodies, including a look at CD/DVD capable printers, the Broadband Table of mild excitement and reviews of (customary big breath, although I have only tiny lungs): BigPond USB Mobile Card, Snapfish, Google Maps Australia, Lexmark P350, Hitachi DZ-HS303SW, Logitech Alto, Belkin Vista Transfer Cable, iRiver E10, Microsoft Windows Live OneCare, World Of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade, The Ship, Final Fantasy XII and Lost Planet: Extreme Condition.

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