3 thought on “I like cats…”

  1. Annalisa

    I laughed till I cried. The text is the funniest bit – I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to look at my cats again without hearing that voice in my head, translating…

  2. Christian

    Ahh, yes, the “I’m in your xyz, stealing/watching/etc your abc” piccies. Very cute though.
    On a related note, can I have a Clouded Leopard? Please?

  3. Alex Post author

    But it’s just about all the “I’m in UR” pics. And others. And it just keeps… on… going… on… and… on…
    You can have a clouded leopard when I get my Ocelot.
    And, for that matter, when we can convince Chaser & Guess (respectively) not to beat them up.


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