Doctor, Doctor, Is This Love I'm Feeling?

No, it’s just my lungs trying to escape my body, same as usual for this week.
Being sick sucks. Especially when you no longer get sick leave, so you just have to keep working…
Speaking of working, here’s some reviews at Enjoy. I’m going back to the hacking and wheezing, if you’ll excuse me…
Samsung PL50: “We were struck by how this was, to put it gently, a big fat lie…”
Engin oneHub ST790: “Engin’s oneHub benefits from simplicity, but also suffers from it in comparison to other all-in-one router/VoIP solutions…”
Belkin N+ Wireless Storage Router: “Belkin’s approach to routers has, in the recent past, been less focused on things that look like routers, and more on objects that wouldn’t look all that out of place on the set of Star Trek — or at least on the set of a cheap fan-produced Star Trek homage, anyway…”

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