From a town known as Oyster Bay Long Island, rode a boy with a six-pack in his hand…

Whew. A busy day today. As a quick test, try to work out which of the following activities I haven’t done today.

  • Tested PVRs
  • Flattened the battery on a phone
  • Tried to get a watch to pair with a phone
  • Shoveled Chicken Dung
  • Walked to and from school
  • Toured the mean streets of Perth
  • Watch a man get knocked out
  • Benchmarked a laptop
  • Stared Godzilla in the eyes.
  • Tested Networking equipment
  • Chased (sigh) high resolution product shots
  • Grilled some Devon
  • Been screamed at by a child
  • Discontentedly wondered why it is I’ve never made it to E3
  • Been shouted at by a noisy silver cube
  • Shouted on Twitter about being shouted at by a noisy silver cube
  • Made bad Portal-themed jokes with grown adults who should know better
  • Had a review published. Like, say, this one:
    Samsung ST50: “In many instances, we’d make a selection or pick a shot, only to have the ST50 sit there twiddling whatever passes for thumbs in the digital compact world, largely because it hadn’t registered the button press properly…”
  • Had a heater trip the power switches in the house.
  • Twice.
  • While saving something on a computer connected to the same circuit.
  • Twice.

Answers in the comment field. Best response wins a prize. Not necessarily a good prize, mind you.






One response to “From a town known as Oyster Bay Long Island, rode a boy with a six-pack in his hand…”

  1. Leigh! Avatar

    I find the UPS helps with the heater problem.

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