Coverline Frenzy!

Walk (or run, drive or fly, if the mood suits you) to your local emporium of magazines, and pick up the July issue of PC User Magazine. Stare intently at the cover, and specifically the coverline — if for no other reason than I wrote the feature behind it, on Australia’s best nationally-available ADSL broadband plans.
Inside, you’ll also find a duo of my standalone reviews — for the Lexmark X3550 and Lexar Jumpdrive 360. Odd, that I should have two “Lex”-suffixed products in the same issue. Maybe it means something — maybe not. You’ll just have to buy a copy in order to find out, now won’t you?
I don’t often also pimp promote other people’s work, but the  July issue also features a really good piece on the relative power usage of all sorts of IT equipment — from desktops to laptops, games consoles to LCD and Plasma screens, not to mention Microwaves — brought to you by Darren Yates. It’s a cracking read, and one that comes highly recommended.

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