Android Crunch Time & Blu-Ray Test Time

The end to my Hydrapinion Android series lies within, as does a inexpensive (but not cheap-n-cheerful in the pejorative sense) Sony Blu-Ray player.
At Hydrapinion, my month with Android as my primary smartphone OS comes to an end. Or does it?
Can an iPhone user switch to Android for a month? Part 5: To Droid, or not to Droid? “It’s been widely tipped that Android will overtake iOS in pure app terms at some point this year. That makes for a nice marketing number, but I think it’s a bit meaningless generally…”
Then over at CNET Australia, Sony’s entry-level Blu-Ray player led me to watch Highlander again. Sometimes, it’s a really tough job, this one…
Sony BDP-S480: “The BDP-S480 isn’t a high-priced Blu-ray player, but it’s a decent quality one.”

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