Disco Ball Laptops And Mobile Broadband Revisited

A laptop that’s almost too shiny to look at, and a Mobile Broadband test resurfaces online.

A couple of months back, my feature testing all of Australia’s nationally available Mobile Broadband services was the lead story for that month’s issue of PC & Tech Authority. The entire feature’s just gone online in case you missed it:
Mobile Broadband Group Test: “It’s been 12 months since our last mobile broadband test and – thanks to personal Wi-Fi hotspots and tablet PCs – it’s a very different environment. Alex Kidman investigates the brave new world of Aussie mobile broadband.”
Over at CNET Australia, I’ve also given Toshiba’s very shiny Satellite L750 a test drive:
Toshiba Satellite L750: “Toshiba’s shiny Core i5-enabled laptop is a fair performer, but there’s an odd set of differences between it and the model that sits just above it in Toshiba’s range.”

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