A short pause between drinks…

Dang. I broke my own mildly funny story. When I first started in tech journalism, just shy of ten years ago, I was working at Australian Personal Computer Magazine, less formally known as APC. The first thing I ever wrote for publication was a review of the rather fine MechCommander. When I left, almost literally as I was walking out the door on September 10th 2001, I submitted my last piece — a review of MechCommander 2.
Yeah, it’s not side-splitting, is it? A nice bookend to a particular phase of my career, however. Anyway, I sorta ruined that today; after a six year gap, I’m back in print — well, in pixel, but I digress — at apcmag.com:
Why GPS navigators are big, bad and dumb: “I’ve reviewed a lot of GPS systems over the past twelve months. Possibly too many; I’m apparently muttering “in 500 metres, turn left” in a robotic monotone in my sleep…”

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