A media player that won't, and a pen that might…

A pair of different articles. I was remiss (OK, I was busy ¬†rebuilding my office) in not plugging this week’s Hydrapinion column which went up yesterday:
What’s next? A high tech pocket protector? “Maybe it’s just my non-musical talent speaking, but I’ve never felt the particular desire to draw a piano keyboard and have it come to life. Perhaps later, though, when they perfect the technology, and it can draw a working automatic teller machine. Then I’d be very interested.”
From the potentially cool to the painful to test at CNET.com.au, with Astone’s astonishingly bug-ridden media player:
Astone Media Gear AP-360T: “Astone’s web page for the AP-360T describe it as “An ultimate HD 1080p media player, DTV receiver and HD video recorder for your digital home”. We beg to differ. Buy something else.”

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