Where did the last four years go?

There aren’t too many dates from four years ago where I can pinpoint exactly what I was doing. Even what I was thinking. Today is the rare exception, as the family filled out to it’s fifth member.
A day filled with early wakings — as is the tradition with this family — jogging around maternity wards and the interesting new (for us) experience of actually being able to hold a baby after birth, instead of rushing it to a humidicrib and oxygen. To say we had an interesting three pregnancies would be a bit of an understatement.
The third child is special. I’m not just saying that because I happened to be the third child myself in my generation. But it’s different. The sheer terror of being a first time parent is gone, and there’s experience to fall back on in the general sense. At the same time, the experiences are still new, and the realization that all the kids are getting older becomes that bit more stark.
Master Four was Master Three yesterday. He’s an exceptional little man with his own personality, quirks, likes and dislikes. And like his siblings, I love him to bits.
Happy Birthday, Master Four.

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