Why did it take me this long to write a column about Prince?

Those who have known me for some time know that I’ve been an aficionado of Prince’s music for some time. Not so much the small gentleman in question, who might just be one (or more) purple doves short of a flock. Surprisingly, while I’ve made passing mention of this from time to time here and there, I don’t recall writing an entire Prince themed column. Until now.
MacTheBlog: Apps Gone Crazy: “Utter rubbish. I’ve never had a problem with my iPad besides the 000001010101010101010101011110101011111010101010WOZWOZERE”
Meanwhile, at Geekspeak, my attention shifts to your choice of browsers:
Geekspeak: Browsing For A Browser: “Browser choice is a bit like choosing “your” brand of car. There’s a lot of attachment to whatever you’re used to, and getting out of the habit of just clicking on the same icon every time you want to check out the Web can be tough.”

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