We sweat and laugh and scream here, 'cause life is just a dream here…

Random ranting from a weekend away on the coast. Make of them what you will.
To salespeople in electrical stores: Don’t be so scared of customers who know what they want, and why. If I say I want to buy an SD Set Top Box, sell me one. Don’t argue with me, don’t try to tell me I’m wrong when I’m utterly not (and especially when what you’re saying is aberrant nonsense), and above all, don’t wander away to deal with other customers instead of actually, you know, selling me the product THAT’S RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU. Sheesh..
To people who design the layout of aforementioned electrical stores: Would it be so hard to stack all the products of a similar type together? You know, to make it easier for your customers? Those people bringing money — their own money, sometimes — into your store? No? Well, then, you probably designed the WoW store in Coffs Harbour….
To the guy who complimented my wife’s chest as we walked down the street: Yes, they are rather pretty. I couldn’t help but notice that you were by yourself in your car while making crude comments. It’s a long shot, but maybe.. just maybe… there’s a reason why you’re by yourself. Just saying…
To the weather: Thanks. I’d almost forgotten what “warm sunshine” was like…
To the Kebab Store at Park Beach Plaza: Nice kebab. I still maintain that Cabanossi has no place on a crepe, however. Just…. don’t. OK?
To the people who feel it’s my fault I’ve got to do 80kph in an 80kph road works zone: Look, if you want to pick up lots of traffic fines, go right ahead. I don’t like being slowed any more than you do, but nearly hitting me from behind won’t solve any of your problems, just make them a whole lot worse…






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