The postman only knocks.. thrice?

Sometimes, you have to love efficient organisations.
Take, for example, Australia Post. Normally, I get one mail delivery per day, generally around 4pm in the afternoon, although it can vary by up to three hours — usually earlier rather than later.
Except today.
Today, the postie has been no less than three times. I say “the postie”, but in fact it’s been three different blokes; two in vans and one on a bike, all delivering express post parcels. I could have dealt with two visits, as one of the packages was from Tasmania and the other two were from Sydney, but what baffles me is that the two from Sydney were sent by the same person at exactly the same time.
It’s just occurred to me that the afternoon postie hasn’t been yet. So that’ll be four times, then.
Hey, nobody said that these blog entries had to have DEPTH or anything.

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