Flash the Fish has fallen in the pond, B1!

That’s OK, B2. He can swim.
It’s probably a damning indictment of my state of mind that I found that incredibly funny when I heard it this afternoon. It’s nice when children’s TV creeps up on you like that.
I’m working hard at the moment. How hard, I hear you ask? (or perhaps it’s just the voices in my head. As long as they don’t tell me to burn anything, or defile anyone, we should all be safe). Well, I’m working as hard as this image (warning: it’s a bit violent, and some people might not like it much). Consider that by the end of the month, I will have written about 10,000 words of guides, as well as a painful 45 different product reviews, over six different publications.
With products as diverse as DVD combo drives and USB powered Santas. At some point, I’m going to need to take a break, before I do break. On the plus side, as Dr Nick once infamously put it:
“The best part was when he gave me my money!”

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