So very tired…

But then a day’s painting (with, it should be noted, the help of my esteemed brother) will do that to a lad. That, and having lots of work to do. It brings to mind a quote I’ve always liked from the late, great Douglas Adams — specifically I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by.”
Wish I could write like that. But I’m too tired, see?
But not so tired as to note that today’s a special day. My seventh wedding anniversary, in fact. Or twelfth, depending on how one counts, but seven since we stood in front of a minister with two best men, and two “bridesmaids”. Just don’t look under the peach taffeta dresses. Trust me on this. The contents of what was under those “dresses” are now subject to their own wedding anniversaries, after all. All in, it’s definitely a good thing that Di didn’t leave me at the altar (although, for timing reasons and the unreliability of taxis, I almost thought she had), as then I would have had to marry one of them. It just doesn’t bear thinking about, really…

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