I should get a research job…

Every year, when the winners of the IgNobel prizes are announced, I have that very thought…
(The actual recipients list isn’t yet up at the Annals Of Improbable Research site yet, but here’s the Wikipedia entry for all the previous winners.). Then again, looking at that list reminds me that, improbably, somebody’s patented the comb-over, thus requiring me to shave my head yet again to avoid the costly patent fees.
In order to cover some of the court costs — and while I work out what particular field of research is as yet both ludicrous and untapped by human endeavour to undertake — I continue to write.
Bear witness, for example, to the November 2006 issue of Australian PC User, out now on store shelves. Aside from all its other worthy contents — and for the edification of my in-laws, there’s a good roundup of digital video cameras within — I’ve got a review of the Philips VOIP 321 Skype phone in its pages. PC User content, for whatever reason, doesn’t tend to end up online, so go forth and buy a copy now. You never know — when I’m presented with my IgNobel prize, I might just mention you in the 1-minute acceptance speech*
*but that’s pretty unlikely. Improbable you might say. Hey — there’s an idea. Has anyone done any statisical analysis into the wallet contents of IgNobel prize winners? I’m willing to undertake the research, if there’s a grant for it going begging…







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