One of the world's biggest software companies gave me a plastic hat for Christmas…

Well, at least I can now pretend to be Billy Joel in the video for “You’re Only Human (Second Wind)”, I guess.
Random Trivia Factoid*: Adam Savage from Mythbusters is in the “You’re Only Human (Second Wind)” video clip, which brings it nicely back to tech. Or perhaps I just have a brain that wanders in fifty directions at once.
In other news, I do still write things, and people still publish them. Witness today, a review of mine up at, a company with a sense of humour. Why else would they all have different coloured Hawaiian shirts on their business cards? See what I mean about my brain wandering in fifty directions at once?
Navman N60i: “The one factor that leaps out at you from the N60i, even before you’ve looked at the camera on the back, is the size of the display…”
*Subject to Wikipedia verification. But it sure does look a heck of a lot like him. His doppelganger, perhaps.

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