Blogs… (HUH!)… What are they good for?

Well, not what you might think. When I first started this particular Blog, it was with the dual purpose of some blatant self-promotion — and from the number of varied comments I’ve had from various PR and Journo types, it seems that some of you are reading it and enjoying it some of the time — as well as keeping family and friends up to date with various goings-on in the Kidman household.
What I didn’t expect it to do was serve as a conduit for old friends to get back in touch. Keen readers of this blog — yep, both of you — might recall that I wrote at some length about how my brother’s fondness for wine led me to rediscover a old friend — by way of a Pizza bar, apparently. That led me (in part) to making a trip back to the city of my birth, another thing I wrote about at length. Why, with all this lengthy scribing, I should be a scribe of some type! If only there were money in it 🙂
Anyway, it seems that my lengthy scribings have paid off, as a rather throwaway remark in my writeup has led another old friend of mine to get back in touch. Which is a long and roundabout way to say — Hello Dominique!
And now, back to staring at the wall.

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