OK. Now I feel old…

How old?
Let’s start with “very”. Primarily because I just worked out that my daughter’s primary school teacher was born in 1984.
(On the count of three, anyone my age and above can go “aaaargh!” in their heads. All of you wot are younger than me can just sit there silently and wait for us responsible adults to change your nappies..)

2 thought on “OK. Now I feel old…”

  1. Steven Noble

    There’s a whole scary demographic out there that thinks punk is Sum 43 (not The Clash), rap is Eminem (not Grand Master Flash) and George Bush Jnr is the first and only George Bush. At work, I just keep my mouth shut…

  2. Gus

    To be fair, when your daughter’s primary school teacher was born, you were in primary school yourself, so there’s a pleasing symmetry.
    If you want to feel young, do what I do and go to matinee theatre performances. Without exception, I’m always the youngest member of the audience.


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