Bloody protected species…

So now, to compliment the hole in the roof that’s still not fixed in the bedroom, a possum in our roof has kindly come along and scratched a virtually identical hole in the roof of the kitchen.
That’s trespassing and causing criminal damage. Given the sharp implements that we saw it poking down through the ceiling, possibly intent to cause bodily harm. Heck, I’ll go the full monty here; this was a possum with its mind bent on manslaughter.
And yet, despite all of this, if I took a humble flamethrower up into the ceiling and roasted the little bugger alive (in self defence), they’d lock me away. Sometimes life just isn’t fair…
*Yes, I know. I’d burn the house down in the attempt. And the Possum would probably leap inbetween the flames, mocking my failure and waiting for a new house to be built.

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