Movember: Day Twelve: Mathemo'tics

Donations have slowed down a touch. Let’s do the sums, shall we?

Character art from the upcoming iPhone "Movember The Videogame" project
Character art from the upcoming iPhone "Movember The Videogame" project

OK, so today brought forth no new donations. And that’s no good for anyone, unless you’re part of the select band that have already donated.  Looking over the existing donators reveals some interesting statistics:
25% of donators are my direct relatives. I have more relatives than this!
62.5% of donators are tech journalists. This sounds impressive, but it’s still only five people. There’s more than five tech journalists out there. I’m sure there are. I’ve met most of them…
A truly shameful 12.5% of donations have come from the PR community. People I deal with on a daily basis. Where’s the love, PR community?
Clearly, all these figures could.. nay… should.. nay.. must get better. And there’s only one way to do that, by donating to my pixellated Mo as fast as you possibly can. Possibly twice. It couldn’t hurt.

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