Movember: Day Eight: Mo'Zilla

I’ve got friends. Big, scary friends…

Alex: What’s that, Godzilla? You say that if I don’t start getting more sponsorship, and sharpish, you might start having to crush cities beneath your mighty feet and burning “suckas” with your atomic breath?
Alex: Yes, that’s what I thought you said. Since when did you borrow Mr T’s attitude, though?
Alex: Good point. When you’re a massive atomic fire breathing lizard, you can adopt any attitude you want.

Well, folks, you heard the lizard. I’d do what he says, and head over to my Movember donation page and get donating as hard and fast as you can if you don’t want to get stomped. Once a creature with Godzilla’s enormous mass gets moving, it can be hard to get him to stop…

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