Ordinary Heroes, there's one on every street…

Mmm.. New Howard Jones album. That’ll make up a nice number of subject lines for the next couple of weeks, methinks. With my “showing off” cap, I’m even in the liner notes…. albeit via a patronage/bribe model, but still…
I’ve also been busy writing stuff. At PC Authority’s local Web site, I collected up as many iPhone Apps relating to holy texts as I could find:
Amazing Apps For Your iPhone: Religious Texts: “There’s a lot of Bibles in the App store. A whole lot. Want to follow your faith from the comfort of your phone? These apps make it easy.”
I’m also in the print edition of the current mag, covering off the home networking and connected family portions of the massive Christmas Gift Guide.
Meanwhile, at another publishing house, not so far away, I’m all over the current issue of Australian PC User Magazine. I put McAfee’s Family Protection under the microscope and discover a rather startling omission in its protection engine. Speaking of engines, I used one extensively for a roundup of 11 GPS units, an article I started writing back in July with a massive and lengthy road test that took me from Sydney to Adelaide to Melbourne and back again to Sydney. A whole lot of roads (and a huge quantity of spinal pain) later, and a GPS feature was born. I guess it’s true — you really do have to suffer for the art!
My regular roundups of the best mobiles covers off the snazzy Samsung HD ICON and the slightly schizophrenic DualSIM Mini phones, as well as standalone reviews of the Kogan Pro 26, Logitech S315I rechargeable iPod/iPhone Speaker dock and the very spiffy Lego Mindstorms NXT 2.0.

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