Movember Blog Post: Day Seventeen: Girls Don't Like Boys, Girls Like Cars And Mo'ney

The puns aren’t getting any better, are they?

My eyes are actually this red right now...
My eyes are actually this red right now...

OK, so the Mo’ isn’t actually quite that neon. Heck of a look, though.
Time is running out to donate to my awesome not-quite-glowing-in-the-dark Mo’, though. I may have to start naming and shaming.. again.
Still, before that, it’s time to check in with the tally room, which suggests that the current donation total is…


Hurrah! But, of course, it could be much higher. Every little bit counts, and I’m putting all my efforts into not only growing a killer Mo’ (which, of course, I could do anyway, at least from a genetic viewpoint) but also putting myself out there to try to get donations. Which is, of course where you come in. Donate now!

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