Look out for the Snilth Wimbat*

A few observations on the last week, which has been a very busy one:

  • Driving in 40 degree heat still sucks. It’s worth it, though, to visit elderly relatives, who just love the kids, and the kids love them.
  • Melting your car electrical systems with a Christmas gift (in this case, an in-car cooler) can test your patience. A free plug here for the fine, fine folks at Raymond Terrace Auto Electrics, who did a great job very quickly getting the car up and running again.
  • Kempsey has a book store called “Books”. Just “Books”. I’m not sure if this is indicative of the interest Kempsey has in tomes generally, or if it’s a sign of excessively literal signage; is the supermarket just called “Food”, the pub “Beer” and the Police Station “Sunday Morning”?
  • Sigh. The kitchen’s more or less dead. Shelves are broken — and have been for some time. The sink is worn out — and has been for some time. The final straw seems to have been the oven, which is spewing toxic smoke and/or not heating properly. I hadn’t realised quite how predatory and heavy-sales-pressure driven the kitchen design market is; some of the big players in the software market could learn something from these sharks…
  • Some of my hair’s growing back. That’s a bit weird.
  • I can lift half a ton of sand. Honest. Sure, it’s one wheelbarrow at a time, but that counts, doesn’t it?
  • All this garden work is starting to give my arms definition. Sure, I’m not likely to win Mr Universe any time soon, but these usually flabby stalks on my shoulders are starting to bulk up. I think some sedentary gaming, possibly with high-fat snack foods is called for…
  • Had lunch and a very nice afternoon with one of the truly beautiful people on Thursday, somewhat by surprise. They know who they are.
  • This blog’s been good at getting old compatriots back in touch with me. With that in mind (and little to lose, really), if anyone (including themselves) knows the location of (deep breath): Leigh Beuttell (ex Lakehouse 1987, Tom Hood School 1987-1990, possibly in the Army after that), Keith Bush (ex Tom Hood 1987-1990, was working as a train driver in 1999 and talking, of all things, of emigrating to Australia (although he was very, very drunk at the time.. and I should know, I was worse), Adam Jeayes (I may have the spelling wrong, also Tom Hood School 1987-1990, last seen in 1992 living with his mother) and finally (and on a different continent) James Gardiner (Duval High School, 1990-1992). If you’re out there, guys (or if you reckon you know them, which is a very long shot given the people who read this blog, then drop me a line…

*A Snilth Wimbat, for those still reading, is what happens when a giggly four-year-old tries to say “Stealth Wombat” while being tickled. Don’t ask what a Stealth Wombat is. You don’t want to know.

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