I'm thinkin' of something orange. Something orange. Give up? It's an orange.

Random thoughts from the brain of Kidman:

  • No babies. Yet. Mild Braxton Hicks, but not much more. Fatigue and stress is setting in on all sides because of this — you try living for three months not knowing what you’ll be doing in the next five minutes all the time — and this isn’t helped by the fact that…
  • My neck hurts like crazy. As in “debilitating pain” crazy. Especially when I eat. Hit the doctor’s this morning to get it checked out, and as far as they can tell, it’s either a muscle tear — and I already have some anti-inflammatories for my stuffed knee that will cover that — or a virus. So I’ve spent much of today in bed, which has led Di to being even more tired. Yeah, I’m allowed to vent here. Live with it, Ms Y.
  • It appears that I’ve sent out a whole bunch of stuffed family DVDs to overseas types. Bah. Just trying to work out if it’s worth re-burning them, or hosting the files locally for them to download.
  • Y’know how modern parenting suggests that gender stereotypes are all bunkum? Well, then, can somebody explain why as birthday gifts (with money given by their great-grandmother) Zoe decided to buy a cute little basket full of plastic puppies, and James decided to buy a box of matchbox cars? Mind you, they’re both sitting on the floor playing with the cars as I write this, so maybe it is all bunkum…
  • One of the rare pleasures (if there are any) in spending time in waiting rooms (and this morning I spent a *lot* of time in a waiting room) is catching up on all the trash magazine gossip from the last two years. This morning, I even found an old issue of PC Authority to flick through — an issue so old, in fact, that Magic Dan even had a few reviews in there. I should point out that I don’t currently write for PC Authority, and to keep things balanced, I don’t currently write for APC either, but that hasn’t stopped them sending me the last two issues. Weird.

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