In the school debating society, I was voted Boy Least Likely to Complete a Coherent…erm…

More reviews published today, at the ever reliable I can even beam with some pride; the site that I helped to launch is now the third most popular IT site in Australia, according to Hitwise figures. Woo, and indeed, Hoo!.
Sagem PhotoEasy 160: “The PhotoEasy 160 prints quickly and moderately well, but its limitations in size and flexibility seriously detract from its appeal.”
Epson EMP-TWD1: “At first glance the TWD1 seems like an almost impossibly bulky projector from the dim dark ages of projector history…”
And in the print world, the July issue of Netguide (yes, I know it’s only June.. work with me here) is out in Newsagents now, featuring my rundown of USB storage drives, as well as plenty of standalone product and games reviews. Buy three copies, and the mystical secrets of the universe will be revealed unto you!*
*The mystical secrets may not be particularly mystic, or for that matter, secret. But I’ve heard of worse circulation scams, to be honest with you…

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