I'm sorry — you're doing WHAT?

Some stories just beggar belief…
My initial response to this story was sheer disbelief. Then I started to wonder if I had accidentally emigrated to the U.S. by accident. Then I got angry..
Random thoughts that popped through my head:

  • They’re children, not fashion accessories. There’s nothing guaranteed about IVF to begin with, and the implantation of multiple embryos could have led to zero children.
  • There are people out there — some of whom I count as good friends of mine — who love and adore children, and would rightly adore the opportunity to have them, but can’t. And there’s selfish, self-centered idiots (as this woman comes across in this particular article; sure, I don’t know her, but her actions do speak to a certain mindset) who should probably buy poodles. But then she’d probably sue anyway, because it wasn’t the right shade of peach to match the curtains, or something
  • Imagine being the “second” child. Heck, imagine being the first. At some point, if this ludicrous excuse for a case goes ahead, the mother’s going to have to get up in court and state, for the permanent record, that she only wanted (and wants) one child. Do you think either sibling is going to feel particularly loved when they find this out? How would you know if you were the “loved” or “unwanted” child? That kind of thought sends chills up my spine…
  • If you must treat your kids like furniture then you deserve to be dropped headfirst into a wood pulping machine … sorry, that is probably a little harsh. I’ll start again. If you must treat your children like fashion accessories, but don’t want the matching earrings, why not consider adoption, or fostering? I know both adoptive and foster parents — both are wonderful paths that solve all sorts of problems, and in the case of the foster parents I know, they’re amongst the most amazing people I know, full stop. Unlike, in case it wasn’t abundantly clear, my opinion of the plaintiff in this case.
  • Children are a blessing; not as this case would paint it, a curse.
  • My Machiavellian side can’t help but wonder if the medico being sued shouldn’t turn the tables on the mother. If he’s going to pay what is in effect child support, then surely he should have access to the kids (and to make it clear to them what, exactly, their mother hated about them…).

I think that rant’s actually longer than the article which “inspired” it. Which probably means I shouldn’t rant after 48 hours in which I’ve had about two hours sleep…

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