Bah. Stupid editing system…

Guess who accidentally deleted his post congratulating his wife on her birthday?
Yep, that’d be me.
Oh well. She’s still just as beautiful, intelligent, sexy, witty, compassionate and captivating as ever, though, so I still win! Go me!!!
And now, thanks to the brilliance of Annalisa, here’s the original text. Thank God somebody’s brain is working. It certainly ain’t mine, folks…
If you can read this…
Then by some miracle the site’s actually up. It’s been a bit like my memory of late; slow, unresponsive, and missing important family deadlines. One deadline I’m not missing, however, is to formally note the birthday of the most beautiful, caring, compassionate, hardworking, intelligent, thoughtful, downright sexy women I’ve ever met. And no, I won’t introduce you with a view to dating. She’s mine, all mine. Happy birthday Di.

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