It's been awfully quiet around here…

But not entirely moribund!
For example, the July issue of PC User is now out, and not only do I have a feature in there — but it’s the cover feature!
Woo-hoo! (Imagine, if you will, Alex giving himself a high-five, before realising how stupid that looks, and stopping in embarassment. Or imagine what you like — it’s a free world, at least for now…)
The feature in question is on download video services for Australian users, and is part of the overall Video theme that permeates the whole issue. In my case, it let me sample everything from Pixar shorts from iTunes, to this abomination from BigPond and this… well… movie (and I’m using the term loosely, you understand) from Cinemanow.
But where can I buy this wonderful tome of words, I hear you ask? (I must stop hearing these voices in my head; the men in the white van will come and take me away). It’s available in your local newsagency now! Run! Don’t walk! Ignore traffic !* Procure copies! NOOOOW!
*Alex Kidman, and all subsidiary bodies take no responsibility if you’re accidentally squashed by a bread truck or similar large vehicle. Always look both ways when crossing the road, and keep a careful eye out for rampaging Japanese lizards.

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